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tubercle. Again, the fibroid element in the tissues immediately sur-
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prove greatly by selection, etc., in our country, and also by
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extremities. The steam douche and cold fan douche were thus alternated for
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crust. They have none of the motives urged on by insatiate
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introduced, and were followed in half an hour by the same quantity,
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teurizing is the best method of accomplishing this. It surely
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paired circulatory conditions. Steudel, * who is an enthusiastic advocate
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presence of tuberculosis in other organs, particularly in the uro-genital
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eminent consultant, who, after careful examination, pronounced him phthisical,
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neck was prominent; the disease was epidemic. Five cases ended in
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produced, and thus to unload the congested viscera ; that the kidneys
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I find soja-bean meal to make a fair cake, which helps out
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typical changes resulting from water applications ensued just as plainly
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clay from which the bricks have been made, in connection
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I think there is a bright business opening in this country
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skin and all, and to the sick and weary invalid they are often
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unnecessary operations is at all widl I'oundcd. The other state-
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cannot be accumulated except by prolonged closure; yet mouth tem-
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diagnosis, and will also afford evidence of tuberculous disease in other
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retics, is to be advised and encouraged. The other internal organs
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Geographic Distribution. — Tuberculosis prevails in almost every
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which it is made. The Scotch and Irish whiskeys get their
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contrary to the general rule, the morning temperature may be higher
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the great surgeon, who at times lectured acceptably and after-
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clean, and especially dishes, knives and forks, spoons, and
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I ; total, 20. Peptonized milk, 3 ; sterilized, 8 ; Pasteurized,
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I have never met any one naturally absolutely immune to
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sible, have infecting foci, as enlarged lymphatics, etc., re-
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comfort and utter misery, even unto death, which come to
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T. C. Copp, J. R. L. Eede, G. H. Agnew, D. M. Low, W. Harris,
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which is frequently paid by those having the taste and the
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About midnight the remission in the temperature and sweating
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has tuberculosis. As to tuberculin R, if one wishes, he may
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