by brown pigmentation, suggesting an old tertiary syphil-
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well ; but on the middle of the sternum there existed a
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The administration of alcohol may be withheld in many
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piece for plaster-jacket ; flat-foot plate; outside Taylor
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the conjunctiva, especially the ocular, become engorged.
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correspond to slight nerve irritations, neuralgias, etc.; but
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sclerosis results, and the faulty portions are permanently
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in the bladder, and the finger is inserted and along it the
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the remarkable fact that he had increased his weight
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varicose, and the venules and capillaries become visible.
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part. Notwithstanding this complication, however, the
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Beard says, in his book on sexual neurasthenia : " What
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sweet-oil and laudanum, poured it into the offending ear
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muscular nuclei, to the condition of oval leucocytes. In
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and this was the reason I was sent for. On examining
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Case V\— June 3, 1887, M. P , colored female, aged
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great extent, the objections urged, that specialties were
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seen on the first appearance of the disease. The papoid
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continuous secretion of gastric juice was present, this was
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be sufficient to hold the limb downi in place, this being all
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position ancf form, must receive the expiratory blast and
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Alcoholic stimulants he considered very baneful unless
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tongue. The pharynx was covered solidly as far as could
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all but a minute fraction of the germs, after an exposure
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nostrils were most of the time stopped, and he was obliged
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lessened the expectoration and rendered it more watery.
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The patient is doing well one week after the operation.
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pox hospital he was several times very carefully vacci-
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wet with a solution of from three-fourths to two grains of
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tion required was one of expediency or of necessity. In
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cut through close to the sternum. Arterial hemorrhage