patients ;^ and Chambers, in his ' Lectures,' before quoted, records

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this juncture Dr. Frank IMeara advised him to submit to a third

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But at the same time the hemoglobin and number of red cells

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much exaggerated, or is unfounded in fact ; for although, under

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remedial methods, as well as drugs, and discusses their application in the treat-

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areas of ulceration. For cleansing purposes intestinal irrigations

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activity of the kidney at the moment, and gives no clue as to

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thirdly, teachers ; after that, miracles ; then gifts of healing, helps, governments, di-

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of food; under these circumstances the disease is being treated,

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of their own health and the health and lives of their wives and children, will dis-

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be too highly rated — ^becomes evident. Why it is that when

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watched we shall observe that, so long as the vapour is colourless,

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to refer to — he attempts a definition of the word poison. Now, a

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had an attack of ulcerative keratitis about once each year, but

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sumption or not, they should nevertheless receive careful attention.

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sooner or later, from the operation of causes that are internal and inherent. Thus,

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debilitated infants transfusion of blood may be advisable.

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and its consequences. They appear not to be subject to rheumatism or other in-

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lucratively engaged. In other respects, they should be conducted upon the same

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blended, and general or abstract ideas formed. There are no

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to adopt every possible precaution in respect of troops when

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Prostitution is morally, physically, intellectually and religiously wrong — wrong

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cells, and the cavity which contains them, represents exactly in

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this organ — namely, acute inflammation, chronic enlargement, and

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Procedure. — Specimens. — The observations may be made at

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Tantalization and pappreBBion are injurious to the system, because often by the

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is formed is to wait until the disease has got possession of the

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of colour. It bears a considerable amount of heat, and sublimes in very

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a. Crystalline sublimate. — ^Immediate solution]of sublimate ; and

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with canker, sore-throat or catarrh ; whether the lungs are weak or strong ; whether

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Of late years the introduction of blood chemical tests by

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glands, bones, joints, and serous membranes, which is not often

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hospital, or maternity establishment. That no still-bom child should

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in shorty a correct term ; and are we right in calling these phe-

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mass was felt. May 19th child was seen by Dr. L. Holt, who

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in the ileocecal fossa, with its base constricted by a band of

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of the opportunity now afforded to us of doing so, without

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to fulness of days and fulfil the duties of your station.

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from eye diseases and bronchitis, produced by the dust, and from want of proper

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physiologic hypertrophy of the pituitary in an effort to supply

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by mouth the plasma sugar had increased to 206 mg. per 100 c.c,

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erroneous opinions among the people, which exert a tendency decidedly injurious.

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food. These, and various other causes so weaken the coats of the stomach that