their treatment more difficult, this being contrary to what
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permitted, as the vaginal mucous membrane is injured by them.
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left leg, which leg would occasionally fail to support him. This
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office at No. 1298 Madison Avenue, New York City, since 1894.
the previous afternoon ; but the general state was favorable,
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In Norton's excellent " Ophthalmic Therapeutics," the treatment
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■nd is now President of the Alumni Association of that
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of the Medical Society of the State of New York for original work,
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Bayonets are employed as puncturing or stabbing weapons,
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wounds of that region. When the lamented Garfield was
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'■ I attach very little importance to explanations of the therapeu-
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located in Buffalo to practice those specialties. In 1876 he estab-
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most lasting effect on the health of the Jewish people of all
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Long Island College Hospital, 1879-83; Professor of Surgery in the
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Medical College of Ohio, at Cincinnati. Two years after-
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symptoms, is likely to create more confusion than order. My
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easy access, that is, par excellence, a natural sanitarium, especially
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morbid condition. On first examining this case, the doctor said
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New York, 1918, and is a member of the Loyal Legion. Dr. Pilcher
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Robert G. Reese was born in Virginia in 1866, a son of Beverly
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applied to the surface of the eyeball, in order to prevent the
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or less positiveness without recourse to its history. The symp-
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A LFRED CHARLES POST, of New York, was a son of Joel and
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ing the attention of all surgeons in the present war to his
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Vital interests are here concerned, and as, at the beginning,
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Hooker, Hartford ; librarian, G. H. Wilson, Meriden ; censors,
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pulp, implies some cerebral complication ; lesions of the
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Another peculiarity in the history of these cases is that
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ticularities. Strips of flesh from the lips, even when very
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fill. There is more danger of wounding a blood-vessel, and
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through which this fame and success were won, is inspiring
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general laws about the course of the disease, based upon this typical behavior
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surgical education in Berlin, Heidelberg, and Vienna, He
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his patients, or assist in their restoration to health. These aids
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making this their home for the whole year must be the best cri-
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degree of A. B,, and immediately afterward was appointed
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his specialty; member American Medical Association, New York
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gynaecological work was made in 1895 before the State
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turer, and so ably expounded and defended in the lecture.
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Coyote" is assuredly near of kin. New York: The "Century"
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Houghton, E. Hasbrouck ; middle district, N. B. Covert, W. E.
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he went to Europe and further pursued his studies in the Frauen
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concluding section. It contains all that is recognized as best in
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months, the child began to sit up again, and later learned to
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who put up over the door of his shop the motto, "Mens conscia recti ; " whereupon