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clay-slate, with a slight deposit of tabular limestone on its summit.
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placed in juxta-position with the permanently formed brains of
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Therapeutics at the Sixty-Seventh Annual Session of the
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studied rontgenologically in the majority of cases,
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cornu, guided by a sound in the uterus, and sutures
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plications. Among thirty-seven patients thus affect-
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reference to it, I feel every disposition to receive their authority
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os tincce, where it was met by a thumb and ringer of the other hand
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Abscess in the Axilla cured by Seton. — A sailor, setat. 21, got an
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arraigning it at the bar of public opinion without bringing all
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atonic gut could be given to food by the addition of
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His manner and actions would indicate he was suffering from a
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tion of permeability it indicates corresponding in a
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afl^orded relief if pains grow severe. For the lat-
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a number of parasitic and other contagious cutaneous disorders,
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it were ; a variation suitable to circumstances ex-
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of the neck of the left femur, splitting the trochanter major,
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between apparent death and the commencement of his attempts at resuscitation."
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those who may possibly be carriers. of dysentery. An
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flammation caused an abscess whicli discharged externally ; and
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Lastly, that the affection is not only entirely within our
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Wednesday, April i6th. — New York Academy of Medi-
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They are flexible and strong ; capable of being in-
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ten inches long, not coiled round the neck, and offering no impe-
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showing the adjustable Hart tray in use. When the patients aie
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does artificial pneumothorax. It is the selection of
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ber of that brilliant coterie of choice spirits who
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formed, florid-complexioned, healthy-looking man, originally a
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one centimetre ; it contained no tuberculous lesion.
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advocated. It is suggested that the greater part of
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chetes having an affinity for nerve structure, it mav
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ernment Research Scholar in Chemistry; Author of "Sir
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of uncoiling it as soon as possible, by slipping it over the child's
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thorax of the child, as to prevent an equal and proportionate
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in which both surfaces of the joint had to be removed to a con-
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portion of fluids in 557 cases was sixteen per cent.,
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modern times, were small, an entire army represent-
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appeared proper for her condition. Hereupon, she was amused,
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and gather real pleasure, as well as pecuniary satis-
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individual patient. The mysterious factors of what,
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take place, if the dilatation prove tedious, that is, if the continu-