temperature. Clinical facts suggest that such applications also have a

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' Mahomed says : " How often patients are allowed to die— nay. more, even killed— when their hearts

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the skin, instead of inward. The diagnosis in Pott's fracture is fairly

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ever been found in them ; sometimes they start from the wall of a ves-

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The use of the laiyngoscope clears up all doubt as to the existence or non-

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tion begins at t^is point and extends toward the periphery. The con-

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into the brain substance are found in a certain number of cases, but even

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will be found at its centre a dilated bronchiole filled with pus. Discolora-

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the sympathetic trunk. The middle cervical ganglion lies directly on

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pon and irrigated with a solution of a teaspoonful of acetate of zinc to

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cut surface, and is less moist than normal lung-tissue ; a dark fluid will

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enlarged, and there is none of that granular infiltration so noticeable in t}--

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kidney ; some regard it as purely mechanical, produced by ^*the obstruc-

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have no place here ; hence venesection, once generally practised, has been

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Fagge and other English authorities recommend venesection for relief of

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time. In some cases the local are the primary, and for a time the only

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"walls of the chest. The commonest example is in connection with fracture

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than the central one, and are strung along like "strings of pearls," com-

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consent obtained for amputation. In case the person is in an uncon-

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Ur^'anic <j;erins are more abundant in the air in the city than in the coun-

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material becomes diffused between the viscera, large quantities of nor-

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teritis." When situated in the colon, it has been called "inflammatory

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gaping in the section.' The j^leura of the affected lung is thickened and