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fulness, and nervousness. But the chief suffering, or the

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ous memory-centres is also necessary to the act of speech.

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vagina thoroughly with tincture of iodine, or, what I like

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off laterally (if not absorbed by tonsillar tissue) into the

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was in a condition of general anasarca, and in my opinion

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symptom. Ne.\t, the appearance of sallowness was likely

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rarely indeed take alcohol when they were suffering from

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skin pale ; some of the subcutaneous veins were uni-

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vibrations sent out from the lower centres of the spinal

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turer in the Royal College of Physicians, London, and in

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was observed with a mixture of atropine and quinine, or

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Treasurer and Auditing Committee ; Report of the Nomi-

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substitutes sleep for pain ; 2, it averts secondary hemor-

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He has shown that if the blood-supply to the liver be

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man doctors, or, as he prefers to call it, the history of the

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forms, without marked pulmonary localization, the bacilli,

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that had persisted throughout the attack resulted, after a

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cone, on its inner surface, long strips of padding, one just

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the ascent of the scale to be easier and the tones to be

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of the water-supply of Rome and other cities was given,

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constantly, but with only partial relief of her disturbances.

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dense that the slender cataract knife was employed, being

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mistaken for a short time for lichen planus, particularly

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be the pad of clay which I place upon the abdomen ;

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organs or externally. 3. Before opening the abscess, it

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Atropia was instilled and the eye at once bandaged. The

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assists very materially in impro\'ing the general health of

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walls of the minute arterioles are lined with a reddish-