rheumatism of the right hip, and prescribed a mixture in which

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This branch of science, treated of almost exclusively in period-

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are to be regarded as an expression of the invasion of the different organs

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a year ago by the adoption of a new code by the New York

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toneally into a white guinea pig. Observe it daily for

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6. Host Relation. Not all beta-hemolytic streptococci are

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surgical colleague asking me to see him, as he had been taken ill the same

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were given without any apparent beneficial efi'ect and with no

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Of these thirty-six observations of contractions, thirty-one were

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cent of the drug ; this fraction is apparently adsorbed by

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Degeneration. — This differs from fatty accumulation, in which the

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were extremely short of breath, it was found that they had

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elements satisfactorily, as is especially shown by the number of

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feeding renders mice susceptible to glanders. It is a well-known fact that

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as given in paragraph 29 of the " Organon" are made, the author

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d. Mount in abopon (50 gm to 25 ml water). The color will

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normal position by the sound ; leucorrhcea copious, very offensive

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chorea, that we have fifty-one consecutive cases with but one

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remain, the granulation will discharge pus, but gradually, as the slough is cast off,


length of 7 inches. In my ignorance I had at first supposed

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and, as far as the liver is concerned, instead of being restricted to the periphery of the lobule,

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dSerence between the actual weight of each person and the

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Repair. — If, after the separation of the slough, the ulcer escapes perfora-

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superficial observer cannot fail to see evidences, on every hand,

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ferruginous, and may therefore have been derived from the blood, but in the

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from lips and gums. He spits, or coughs up, or vomits blood. The motions