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isolation hospital and careful inspection and disinfection

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infection in the city was wiped out. There has been

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Official list o] changes in the stations and duties of offi-

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group that distinguishes that proteid from any other

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and faint in fourteen davs. Wassermann reaction, Mav

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uterus save at the last dip. Multiparae with lax ab-

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(who had been previously in excellent health), stat-

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upon diagnosticating the skin lesion some cases are

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reaction at the point of inoculation, but this ordi-

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The ob.'^ervalions made by Dr. J. J. Coons, pathologist,

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placed on the operating table to make the patient as

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support of all the movable and floating objects that

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poetic mode of connotation — applied to the powers

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compensation of acting assistant and assistant sur-

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countries. In most if not in all of these countries

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festations have been discussed more especially with

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practical treatment of tuberculous disease is affected

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scious also that I had done nothing weak. I could feel

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proof which has been furnished by the collection of

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ment of Health of the City of Chicago : Typhoid fever,

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Miller. — In Newport, Va., on Friday, September 2d, Dr.

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necessary, as in abdominal work, the diversion of the

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knees and up again, of the ejacnlatory sounds. T ha\'e al-

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twenty miles of straight stone road to Philadelphia. This is a par-

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2. The Rontgen Ray Appearances of Thoracic Aneui-ysm,

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3. Jones "Cock-up" Wrist and Forearm Splint. (Fig. III.)

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des Kopfes, des Halses, der Brust und der Wirbel-aulc.

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some cyanosis, and this in itself may be sufficient

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establish and equip laboratories of histology, physiology,

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Seven weeks ago infected right forefinger while deliver-

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