albumin water or all food may be discontinued, and it is better to stop stimu-

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common disturbances. It usually occurs after the decline of the fever and

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but it is not possible to recognize in the writings of Hippocrates or Galen

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made and these are unrecognized sources of danger. The country is so

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Unquestionably, cleansing of the mucous membranes (especially of tiie

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pensatory throwing out of these products by unusual routes.

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apparent^ healthy persons having albumin in their urine

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tion of typhoid bacilli from the blood has been devised by Cole, Davidson, and

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sporadic cases occurred there was a percentage mortality of 44 per cent., and

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least degree of pathologic inflammatory change. It may

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their secreting surfaces. They next become attenuated,

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— " Principles and Practice of Veterinary Surgery."

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chickenpox. In such cases a very close study of the eruption will usually

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febrile disturbance, with headache and nausea a few hours before the

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series have been studied by Cole, who divides them into three groups: (1)

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Then, again, we must not forget that hyaline casts are

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of all sizes, the large mononuclear phagocytic form predominating. In the

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charged with thanks imtil such time as it is ready to

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brought about either by abnormal chemical changes in the material ingested

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cytes; peculiar eonformation of the nuclei in cells; large cells resembling lym-

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Another point is to use a mechanical stage so as to be able

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in many instances there might be ameliorating circumstances

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patients and suffer no harm as long as they were not bitten by contaminated

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if the patient has been seen from the onset but is possible if he is seen for the

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kidneys is capable of producing an outpour of blood and pus

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quoted almost indefinitely, but the explanation of these facts must come

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which 18 were at the onset. As a rule herpes appears in the first week and is

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show no special difference from those due to any fever, and also those peculiar

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Hygienic Measures. — These are of great importance. The child should

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the other man can possibly think as he does. Without even

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associated with changes in the meninges, which are microscopic and consist

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of the tube, if any membrane can be seen in the trachea, it should be removed

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Pulse. — At the onset the pulse as a rule bears the usual relation to the

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mate its significance, but its irregular and capricious character

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of our profession. Not in the Pantheon only, but in

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parently recovered, regained his flesh and considered himself

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to revise the tables at present in use with power to

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about the bloodvessels, and this now appears about the follicular artery.

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