far from generally known that the use of glazed earthen-
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tions : Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts,
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this time on the patient seemed to get better, the in-
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were probably to be interpreted as functionally of the
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sary, nor previous treatment of cystitis or contracted
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paper can testify, from his own experience in the Rescue
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The following are a few of the histories (condensed)
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muscles of the back. The author. Dr. S. O. .Shakespeare,
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kind in the British Isles and the oldest but one in the
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past Scottish universities have been, with more or less
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ures pinched ; the membrane had fully re-estabiished it-
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method of operation suggested by Liicke— laparotomy
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preceded by malaise and indigestion for a week previous
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tre, and that the benefit occasionally seen to follow their
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that a crime committed while under the influence of alco-
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when the signs of commencing peritonitis were unequivo-
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had yielded after a single application and in which the
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mained at the hotel. The other guests, hearing of Dr.
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accumulated experience, have enabled us to define with
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found it, too, in i)erfectly healthy, well-cared-for children.
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Mr. Brown appears to have shown that the special lethal
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both eyes in cases of strabismus, but this was very different
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Fig. 7. — Fracture of P.ileUa. A and B, extension and counter-extension wind-
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fibro-sarcoma, and certainly demands a radical operation."
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cervical Pott's disease ; perineal bands ; extension head-
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In obstinate cases it is best to put the patient upon a
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Ever since the publication of Bemheim's work on " Sug-
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tion preliminary to promotion as Medical Inspector.
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average, without albumen or sugar, but rich in urates and
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selected by the Surgeon- General and hereby appointed :
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Physiological Contribution to the Therapeutics of Pain.
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recently reported in the British Medical Journal in which
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twenty-eight years of age, and a graduate from a regular
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causes the milder symptoms of syphilis to disappear.
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claims in this manner to reach the deep-seated glandular