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of running water), sufficient in some epileptic patients (in the actual

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plete amaurosis of both eyes, by Mr. P., xt. 24. Vision had been im-

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Innocent, By L, Duncan Bulkley, M,D. New York 1894, — Syphilis. By Sir Alfred,

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Dr. A. F. Stone, of Greenfield, to attend and assist them in a post-roor*

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inland places, ■as the sea fogs are comparatively infrequent.

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riably affords the most immediate immunity from the distressing " drtufging and »eart« | d own "

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to be passed into the eustachian tube ; but although its extremity was

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which is piece by piece introduced into the dried and sterilised cavity till

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with which, of course, sometimes the tabic condition is associated. The

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politan prisons, are detained only thirty-four days ; while in the gaols

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also one of the oldest of the health resorts on the Eiviera. St. Eaphael,

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born with this malformation usually survive only a few hours. Absence of

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ODe case, and which were found in the ovarium in 2 others.

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breathing is practically always due to direct pressure, that is to say, unless

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cells interferes with the blood -supply, and the cells therefore undergo

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the little patient was quickly relieved ; it subsequently recovered, and is

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is peculiar to the tuberculous subject. The haemoptysis which precedes

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in any disease, or even accident, when this state of pulse permanently

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climate is very dry and bracing, with a rainfall of only 5 '5 inches, and

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proved and increased secretions from the liver and other digestive or-

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Secondary Syphilis. — The appearance of the primary sore is followed

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and involuntary micturition and defaecation are not uncommon. Death

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Respiratory Organs. — The changes in the respiratory organs are indicated by

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thorities, to the Massachusetts Medical Society for its anniversary din-

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increasing splendor and brilliancy. If this potent editor and profes-

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connective- tissue matrix is coarser and the lymphoid cells fewer; and in

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We are surprised that no movement has yet been made by the physi-

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Here we may mention, that in the low state of delirium tremena, the

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of intellectual power which cannot be reaisted. Without any attempt to

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jection to a very free use of soda water, is its impregnation by copper,

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Cerebkal Thrombosis. — :The disease of the cerebral arteries manifests

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