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called the " Anaesthetic Revelation." Just as the experi-
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The sessions of that winter were attended by 13,088 stu-
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sues ; the third illustrated how serious a condition might
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with other abnormal conditions of the ear. The author is
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cous membrane covering both inferior turbinated bodies.
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sinuses of the nose, thus producing intranasal pressure.
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these, broncho-pneumonic suppurating gangrenous patches.
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Horsley, Weir and Seguin, Lloyd and Dearer, and others.
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of the cutaneous lining or due to irregular development. A
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Apparatus for Measuring any Inequality in the Lengths of
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from the New York Navy Yard, and ordered to the ^Na-
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Augusti6th.— Improving rapidly; discharge but nomi-
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self-suspension ; but if one could get the patients for
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cerning the condition of his lungs, because of having a
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to be injurious to many persons, causing in them nausea
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dark glasses, lost its sensitiveness, and the visual images
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curving around, behind, and below the outer malleolus, and
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thorough exploration of the kidney was made, but the
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