don Hospital, records a series of twenty-four cases treated
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spondingly increased. More of the lung became involved,
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type bears a close resemblance to this form, and may
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Jacobi referred to the very doubtful connection between
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less alcohol, as he had found other remedies much more
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mors of the bladder, and it may also be of use in wounds of
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differ materially in their typical papillomatous features,
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He was in favor of opening widely the diseased articu-
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should, however, estimate that instead of fifty or eighty
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tions for the correction of that tendency. They could
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had lately operated by excision of the sac and fixing
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course, pursued with such cases, would be highly detri-
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of cutting the phrenic nerves. Not having the services of
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broke at right angles and tlew off. The cedema soon sub-
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Dr. Horsley said that he thought this to be the true
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ease have a wide range of variation, and that we cannot
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mucous membrane of the vagina gives a large absorbent
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asis and chronic eczema with the above treatment in from
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temperature in about forty minutes, attaining its minimum
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allow the testicle to return without having to employ a
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fractaire i la tuberculose. In the 1st volume of Verneuil's Etudes
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whose sole duty, if necessary, it should be to unremittingly
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author cannot accept this view. The data are too few for
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was suffering from irritability of the bladder. The urine
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Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland, Dr. James Little
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ing out the vagina ; cleanliness during and after delivery.
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he recommended early operation, with the hope that in