author is inclined to believe that the case he reports is

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trine of humors and of their corresponding temperaments.

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ence or absence of hemianopsia, and during the e.xami-

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earlier formation. It seemed probable, therefore, that the

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tainty be anticipated. For this purpose perineal lithola-

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was observed with a mixture of atropine and quinine, or

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quickly followed. For the injections a strong needle,

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right-handed ; in the right, in left-handed persons. . This

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use might supersede the forceps, was chimerical, and

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ferred in order that there should not be the semblance of

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tion as the ascending force of the current increases, if it

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painted over with oil by aid of a fine camel's-hair brush,

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patient got affected with tetanus he was rather embarrass-

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ment of General Surgery and two District or Visiting Physi-

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proved that nicotine contracts the muscular coat of the

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R. I., and some prominent physicians. We understand

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vellous power. Few can read such a work without feeling

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the operation itself I consider neither particularly dan-

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more tolerant of its contact because of its healing proper-

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a small-built man of a peculiar, dark complexion, not un-

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lower border of the cricoid. Section showed an extensive

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morbid and epileptic impulses, and sense decejjtions. In

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should be provided with ample quarters in the immediate

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Seven weeks ago, first noticed tumor in right side of

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that both the tonic and clonic contractions seen in cor-

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subluxation to take place while the patient is wearing the

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two opposite stand-points. Thus the delicate skin of the

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a careful examination with the speculum, etc., and agreed