Reginald Harrison, of the Liverpool Infirmary, and Mr.
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entire sympathy of the profession was with the unfortu-
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in the hands of women, and even obstetrics has attained
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2. This disease is characterized anatomically by a pro-
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mon matter to peruse the tabulated results of twenty-five,
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Boulevard Vaugirard. It has an imposing appearance,
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the other case, however — that of the pregnant woman — ■
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supple limbs ; I say, contrast this type of a class with that
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weakness in speaking, with some pain and stiffness in the
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action of the positive pole, when applied to a cut and
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access of air to the lungs as the only means of saving
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occasionally remove a portion of the enlarged prostate
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have been followed by recovery, eleven by death, and one
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cedure unnecessary. If a very large incision into the
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that their effects are not entirely due to their mineral con-
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tivity. Dr. Jewett was president of the Medical Society
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of Mr. Harold P. Brown, Electrical Engineer, to deter-
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detect a tubercle bacillus. This he called the colloid
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understand her. He seemed himself, but she was unable
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plague during the past two months, and one of the most
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Rosembusch gives hypodermic injections of a six per cent,
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sary to continue the irrigations daily for six weeks.
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The examination of the heart established the existence of
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tention was given to modif)ing the irritating cough, and
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gotten away all I could reach, and being quite sure most