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to rest. The chief then commands : i. Squad. 2. Halt,
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In the thickness of both inferior eyelids a kind of bursa
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prognosis, as enunciated by Tait, should never be lost
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he recommended early operation, with the hope that in
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placing bovine tuberculosis among the contagious dis-
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the disease which usually caused nodulation — cancer and
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been made and remain well. Is there any other known
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they did not cure their patient. He who always throws
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would die in less than two days. Instead of giving stim-
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lines of examination, is open especially to the members
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ease. — In a recent paper on "The Difficulty of Diagnosis
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and prolonged trial— this condition gradually grew worse,
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not been injected is, in a few minutes, exposed and safely
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written and sent off with the idea that it was a request for
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covery was steady, and after a few days all urgent symp-
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of vaseline. Pruritus could only be cured by removing
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not generally, marked by an early follicular manifestation
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at the bedside, and sipping it when necessary. With re-
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joint disease, which had been going on from early child-
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after the pneumonia had subsided, in two after the lapse
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hallucinations or delusions, but generally depressed, un-
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B. I put entirely out of the question all abdominal or
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their reaction-times and not according to the intervals.
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urine, that the amount of necessary repair was more than
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advanced in regard to the cardiac and vascular changes
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side. Faeces per anum in five days. Was recovering, when
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