French Therapeutical Society. The annual meeting of
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13. The inebriate murderer should be confined the rest
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3d. The disappearance of all the symptoms of compres-
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successful cases of Woelfler's gastro-enterostomy for
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inability of the ordinary club-foot shoe to hold the foot
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that immoderate indulgence in both was more injurious
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rule that tissues held tensely by sutures are cut by them.
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march and to the means of arresting hemorrhage by the
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Drs. Busey, Bliss, and Shute. We found him in a com-
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The Late Dr. Agnew's Charities. — In his eloquent
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CoRDEiRO, F. J. B., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Ordered
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used the Russian felting, and been pleased with it. A
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the most adverse circumstances, how firmly the serious
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the weight. In the second series of dogs chronic poison-
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the expectoration. Moreover, in certain places, a more
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cystic and colloid softening were very often met with in
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of the cutaneous lining or due to irregular development. A
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creased. The greatest and most important modification
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of affairs that may exert the least undue influence. We
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was considerable blood effused into the anterior chamber
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of the ear. Hearing was immediately and perfectly re-
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tients who suffered much from otalgia, 29 from facial
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a man who, he was proud to say, was a pupil and house-
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these attacks would supervene during some change in the
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found to contain a few drops of thick pus. There was
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not been injected is, in a few minutes, exposed and safely
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service. Dr. Dujardin-Beaumetz thinks that until some