very warm, and her limbs were cold. On the ninth day
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department of pathological anatomy, specimens of which
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where electrolysis is employed for therapeutical purposes.
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xii., No. 3, 1888). It will suffice here to relate briefly his
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gans, even though these organs may never furnish outward
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upon the right side, in a half-reclining position, with the
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tion, and happy may we count ourselves that this As-
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too strongly to say that this condition will often end in
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congratulation that the trustees of the late Sir Joseph
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one case only was there burrowing of pus — the patient, a
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diphtheria with a mortality of 20.22 percent.; 82.35 P^r
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made in three hundred and seventy-five different patients.
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sometimes positively harmful. The value of rarity of
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stage of evolution. The operation was crowTied with
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least the discomforts of the condition are remarkably pal-
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flammation, the tendon is difficult to recognize and not
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what had been called the intellectual centre ? The vari-
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Dr. Kucharski. His essay was upon the micro-organism
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in its biological characters. But the micro-organism
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it is in this valley of the Holy Land. This is the most
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leper settlement by Mr. R. W. Meyer, agent of the Board
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of the little fever sometimes present in abscess, and of
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to re-examine him in presence of some professional friends,
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I must add, that in order to obtain a good result from sali-
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to have the most instructive and the most artistic prepa-
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granules, sometimes contain few, if any. They are found
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water or in alcohol. It is used in the same way as the
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supported by a wool tampon — the organ should not be
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his work is well done, and ignores or treats with indiffer-
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the meshes of their tissue (not the interior of the threads)
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