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identical with surgical septicemia. He believed there
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cers sen'ing in the Medical Department, United States
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edge, but further than this no clew to his identity has
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by an itinerant "doctor" in Northern Ohio. It appears
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in 1872 the number of female medical students in the
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cord was incised, there was escape of pus. On the day
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The doctor told her she must really wait a little till her
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knife has full sway. In skilful hands few of the patients
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the pain or confinement involved, and the long time
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thigh, knee, leg, and even to the toes. Pressure over the
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ultimately attained by means of a tampon of hour-glass
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vious, although I am sure there was no water injected
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head of the patient (whichever be the more practicable
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tion of the skin about the joint I proceeded as follows :
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He said that there were two forms of tuberculosis of the
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ported 168 cases, occurring in his own practice, of ex-
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30 parts caustic potash and 70 parts water. At least
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in the intervals of the attacks is of rare occurrence. In
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a diuretic, in combination with digitalis and squills, or \vith
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lesions of the brain causing loss of such idea while recog-
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He said he had gone over the brain to find what parts
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independently, or as a consequence of other changes in
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and British Medical Association, referring particularly
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invited the other societies to co-operate with it in per-
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spasm. With expiration the lips are puffed outward, and
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uterus. 9. New growths in the ovary. 10. Uncertain or
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ness, that it is due to lesions in the upper temporal con-
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symptoms were intermittent attacks of pain in the region
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sisted all other treatment, in two weeks. — Gazette Medical