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and others, is that the chylous fluid results from a trans-
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the common fowl, with the highest temperature, when
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of this term, and who first called attention to the condi-
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in using Thomas' caliper-splint ; and Thomas' knee-splint,
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mation, swelling of the lids, and great pain in the eye and
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completely filling up both ca\-ities of the nose. In this
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become a matter of common observation. It is far from
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insomnia accompanying mental troubles its success is
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in repeating words after me, as well as in talking and in
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ular periods. Owing to the dulling of her mental facul-
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was of oj)inion that it might be useful in making the pa-
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in the ear, often very distressing ; sometimes by pain and
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had never entered the uterine cavity at all, but had passed
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The patient was admitted to Charity Hospital suffering
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tion as the ascending force of the current increases, if it
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lution into the vagina as a safeguard against infection.
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uted to her ear disease as the causal factor, as I believe
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tonsils, v/ith evidence of throat and nose disease.
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cian is constantly growing less. It is gratifying, therefore,
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headaches of nasal origin, I have selected from the many
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cases thus operated upon he observed a slight degree of
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he had given in his published works. It was a simple
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rooms are not conducive to profitable instruction ? The
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before the French Academy of Medicine. After gazing
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I St. That all the bleeding membrane inside the uterus is
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Case V. — A man, brought to the hospital by an outside
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affected. Both Professor Boeck and Professor Hutchin-
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around the city, but has instituted a quarantine station at
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He said that at the present time, in London hospital
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cellent for table use. Several hundred tons are thus pre-