treatment of syphilis, and these he has now published.
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amination I found a highly sensitive condition of the ure-
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bulla or vesicles which had previously been present.
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face. When this happens the corpuscles stain imperfectly
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" Cultures made from the inflamed tissue about the um-
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ure. — At a recent meeting of the London Clinical Soci-
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perspiration. As he said, he had become ill two weeks
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minims of urine into one drachm of the test-solution, and
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matters of great congratulation. Improved methods in
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protrudes is not new, and many and ingenious were the
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support the diseased portions of the spuie, (2) to remove superincum-
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slight in amount, and can only be studied by instruments
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> I examined the first case July 7th, and find her in robust health
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The naso-pharyx, he thought, was a part which was much
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exit to about eight pints of chylous fluid, having a specific
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had made this diagnosis on account of the absence of the
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methods of treatment f;iiled as long as stomach and ali-
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ing the deep fascia and abdominal muscles, it is most im-
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45 were rejected — 21.69 percent. There were 11 non-
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The views of this speaker are strengthened by the re-
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the negative pole with a metal-tipped electrode was ap-
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the ary-epiglottic folds had a dark-red angry-looking aj)-
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tant case. Division of the contraction was followed by
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in that of Paediatrics, by Drs. von Jaksch, Paltauf, and
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method, he styled it by their names. He had found de-
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find them very useful in holding the uterus in place.
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the body, to an embryonic state of activity. The mor-
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as being the cause of scarlet fever, but he had not shown
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the pelvis. The distortion of the bladder near one of the
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Robert F. Weir, Joseph E. Winters, L. Bolton Bangs, and
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Four days later, the tank in the meantime having been
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uterus is no exception to this rule, the advanced men are
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was nervous and anxious, thinking and saying he had but
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present serving as a valve. He thought the condition of
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during a period of three weeks preceding the time when