The Hospital Corps and Company Bearers for the pur-

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Toronto ; for Qliebec, Dr. F. \V. Campbell, Montreal ;

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the most part, upon supportive treatment, giving alcohol,

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its vascularity, richness of neighboring lymphatics, soft-

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was expressed for the unworthy members of the profes-

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Moscow in 1764, and a home for the aged, and hospital

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characteristic slow wasting, the loss of power, and the

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as to the existence of those strictures which he had de-

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was impossible to bring about accurate apposition of the

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to those comparatively remote exciting causes of naso-

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pared, I made an exploratory incision. The parts were

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tending to the pleuroe, may cause plastic exudation within

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twenty per cent, solution of cocaine immediately relieves

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the vagina, and fix it at the spot to be punctured, on the

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The wound occasioned by this operation also healed by

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nuria. When boiled with Lowe's bismuth test-solution it

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coat atrophy of the muscular fibres was found, together

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outward, exposing more freely in this manner the open-

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a medical school as the sister university has become under

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address of Dr. Rauch met with sincere approval, and the

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muscle. In one case he cut through the scalenus muscle

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to the front. His attention had been specially called to

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ciated conditions in this as in middle-ear disease.

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difficult to formulate any rule as to what cases should

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relative who died of lung trouble, fearing that the disease

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four times repeated. Great temporary relief was gained,

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water-supply, and depend upon the water in the tanks.

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it effaces all special features of cell-structure, and reduces

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gans, presents, in its pathogenesis and pathology, analogies