noticed on the neck. This patient came to the hospital
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and also among those subjected to continual worry and
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Nervous, irritable children, those with cerebral troubles,
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appears very often as well in the beginning of pleurisy,
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all the chief factors which tend to produce non-union ;
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certain it has been overdone. I have used electrolysis
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line, and a pint of clear fluid was drawn oflf. As there
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the base of the iris is pushed forward by the swollen
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the aural disease follows upon attacks of scarlet fever.
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removed were \ery small, and none were saved. I used
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heated, and sweated. On the eighth day she had another
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sense is normal. The sight is much better in tlie evening
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had declined to receive any compensation for his lecture
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on the subject. He first spoke of the difficulty of recog-
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subject is remarkably demonstrated in the case of Cse-
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and the same obstacles arise that were encountered in in-
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had probably burst into the perinephral tissue. No stones
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muscular nuclei, to the condition of oval leucocytes. In
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The writer found this variety of astigmatism in almost
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cused of making him deaf. I found the following condi-
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announce that the Congress of American Physicians and
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were cold, her mind always wandering, and her urine was
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diagnosis ; spies surround the surgeon in charge and fol-
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and finally disappeared altogether. These observations
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Present condition. — R. E., V = |if ; media clear and
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If all proceed satisfactorily, it is unnecessary to dress
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shape, and thus form an ornament for the parlor. He
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the organ after dilatation of the rectum with the rubber-
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his method of procuring families. It will be remembered
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