The arguments advanced by Dr. Mills to prove the pres-

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Dr. C. G. Comegvs, of Cincinnati, read the first paper,

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slightly painful in character, but attended by marked loss

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would not boast on putting on his armor ; it was not the

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through the fistula, and his urine by the fistula and from

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Robin form of typhoid fever.^ In these cases renal s)Tnp-

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the rhythm of the heart ; 3, the condition of the arteries

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of Milwaukee. On the following evening the subject of

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kidney. Dr. Lindner, in examining the patient, always

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frequent, perhaps, is the appearance of many primitive

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happenings to find a "nervous rectum "/«- j^c. There-

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to Drs. Villemin and Landouzy, however, and received

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saccharated preparations are used, allowance must be

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whom complete anjesthesia was difficult to obtain. In

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Callosities, claviis, and verruca are softened in from

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were violent attempts at coughing. The patient was in

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would be little temptation to drink it. Under the micro-

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tributed to this fact. In most of his cases of intubation

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disease and from the malice of dissatisfied patients, but

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the reaction-time of the squeeze was so great as to be

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phenomena, at least seven or eight positions for trephin-

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rity is that it permits the operator to ascertain the con-

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diminished shock, vvlierein it fails to do so, and to sug-

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Cocaine was employed in all cases. Wherever the pe-

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hundred. Children up to the age of fourteen are very sus-

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varies directly with tiie proportion of the parenchymatous

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The bacilli were thus seen in sifu, crowding certain of the