the desirability of ' motion without pressure ' while inflammation is

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Meiopragla is the term proposed by M. Potain to in-

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good recovery. Case II. was diagnosed as abscess of the

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which are apt to do best in connection with excision for

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his professional duties, he was attacked by a terrific pain

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sible in a healthy person to plug a part of one lung, or an

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case which had come under his observation with symp-

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standard, and that no disease of other or distant organs

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the naso pharynx, the little patient did not appear to

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(equivalent to eight ounces) of water that has been pre-

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of the laity beheve that the best treatment for ocular ir-

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morning (twenty-four hours after), the temperature had

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3. Constitutional disturbance affecting the functions of

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ease had existed for forty years, symptoms of brain

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The mortality, however, is now verj' low, and the viru-

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hours this was the only symptom that excited suspicion of

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allied conditions. He classified the cases into the follow-

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inordinately mourned the other's loss, it has been ascribed,

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the patient went South. Symptoms of vesical calculus

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brought me, digested with all the impartiality I possess,

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acid and naphthol, which has been recently brought for-

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for three months, in which the disease has been kept so

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bottles for the same purpose, and a large quantity of

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but described the method followed in these researches,

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of reduction has been the same in the two countries,

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pursued, neither changes the local condition nor gives re-

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tissue which first constitutes the entire thickness of the

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