Despite these alleged successes, one can hardly believe

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order to reduce abnormal positions, strangulations, intus-

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then a \vider range ; our last cruise ; a former voyage and

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Some time ago we published a description of an alleged

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concluded that the case was really one of renal syphilis

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Paris, more as memoranda for his own reference than

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aurium, and vertigo. Great deafness is not usually pres-

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calculus, 23 were removed by litholapaxy ; the mortality

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unless the septum be perfectly straight, measures ought to

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ation of the great length of time required to cross the

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ished, but from four to five weeks later a vegetation on

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much swollen, intensely congested, and immovable ; there

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Atrophic Change. — In two instances I have observed

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(shown in Fig. 5) and reversing the ends of the fan-shaped

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to every mind. Dr. Taylor said he would suggest the be-

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edges of the wound and the soft parts about it in the in-

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favor of making several incisions, but did not resort to

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bag of membranes, which I immediately ruptured, and

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of nervous and hysterical evils for the relief of which the

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the pain disappears. In other words, when there is con-

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subjective noises have been so slight as to require no

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in which lateral and median lithotomy had been pre-

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his patients. Brief reference was made to the histor)^ of

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sands of cases before. In the second case the remedy

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Case XLIII. Vemeuil : Bull. Soc. de Chirurgie de Paris, 1887, xiii., 294.

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when the tumor is accessible, and causes great pain by

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various parts of the body. By giving saline cathartics and

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eal operation is the best. This allows of examination

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of the physician, or of climate, or of food, to arrest its

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of the sclerotic and senile degeneration of the vessels.

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driven into these canals, and ureteritis follows, then pye-

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to decide, for the woman, who wished to see his life pro-

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sequently scraped out thoroughly or they will return.

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heard of, read about, or saw, any pathological character-