where exudations had become deposited their absorption
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ter, and shown how to use it. In 1S86 electrolysis was
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and their communicating cavities, to the brain, we would
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are then forced in between the fragments by the pressure
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whole was replaced by a frightful chasm, whose dimensions,
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hypertrophic changes, without having had his attention
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then retracts, while the soft parts stretch, give way, and
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The speaker hoped to be able to pursue his studies in
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The physician natune studiosus was in danger of being
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Considerations like these naturally lead to a very in-
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intestinal lesions, there is a general degenerative pro-
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using only the acute cases with sufficiently complete his-
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ing investigations in rheumatism. A dram of serum was
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startling nature. There had been several murderers in
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to many female nervous symptoms, such are phimosis, re-
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to the retina, choroid, or optic nerve ; and even then they
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and presently the cabin was deserted, each experimenter
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what differently judged from that of excision in the case
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is continuous, and no proof that the irritability of a mus-
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Lastly, the writer says, referring to the case reported,
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selected as the most suitable, because her fits always oc-
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Medico- chirurgical Society, held October i, 1888, was
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on non-specific urethritis, and I gave it as my unqualified
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uterus had been injured by an instrument of some kind,
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wise and prudent man would feel unsafe about so long as
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associated with the phenomena of the living organism.
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organisms on gunshot wounds, especially of bone, as may
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to thoroughly divide the membrane in several places.
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ulnar or peroneal. 2. Paraplegia, preferably of the
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don, in order to secure full cauterization the instrument