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October 18th the temperature became normal. The urine continued to

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tion, and the accompanying blanks to be filled out, from the various

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pox, I case, o deaths ; chickenpox, 30 cases, o deaths ; tu-

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could not have been a simple coincidence. Under similar circumstances

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arterial tension is high the author gives a mild mer-

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the name of "non-pharmaceutic therapeutics," and will in-

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orifice should be kept open with packing until tlie

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Daleine and A. Leuba, and 217 are from Original Pho-

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of large renal tumors. The abdominal muscles should be always re-

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Goutte de Lait. The basis of the method is Marchand's analyses as given

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demic of beriberi developed in that institution and that

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tongue was thick and clumsy. Her ankles were weak and

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larger vessels, which were for the most part veins, had

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schools, each giving a course of lectures on some particular

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consumption. No epilepsy, insanity, or alcoholism in an-

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Johns Hopkins University, for his essay on the Pathogen-

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the cliair of neurology, and George M. Heath, B. S., Ph. C..

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ary Tuberculosis. fourth Annual Refort of the Henry

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terials produced by growing lymph in solid media were unsuitable for vaccina-

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species being present at the same time, while others

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gastrica. Wiener medizinische ]Vochenschrift, 1900, No.

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part of the wound by first intention. Should the skin be infiltrated, no

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dry air is fatal to the disease, and that moist, warm air is favorable to it.

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plainly visible as is an ordinary stained film prepa-

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are founded largely upon hearsay. The cases are those of Malbranche,

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6. When the leucoceratosis progresses from other origins than those which

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