cause more or less destruction of some of the other cranial nerves, with
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or very intense ; if it be due to obstruction, the stools are gray-colored,
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the body forward {emprostliotonos). The arms generally remain movable,
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the original to a brown or black color will indicate the presence of glu-
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less prominent feature in general enteric catarrh, in which complaint
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is wrinkled, dry, and harsh, and may show numerous needle-scars and
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Sexual power is lost. The sphincters are not usually involved, though
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The process is usually confined to the valves, though the cardiac layer
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large number of useful tables. Edited by W. A. Newman Borland,
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The treatment of suppurative cholangitis has for its principal object
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changes, as in chronic lead-, mercury-, and arsenic-poisoning, scurvy,
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algia is frequent, and neuralgic pains throughout the body, and insom-
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Definition. — A distinction is made between two common varieties
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asked to swallow, and the tube is gently pushed down the esophagus,
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connection Avith atheroma of the systemic arteries, including aneurysmal
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the accumulated gastric contents. When produced in this manner the
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{Amyotrophia Spinalis Progressiva ; Type of Duchenne-Aran.)
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bronchial, and lumbar glands are also affected, though less frequently.
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phous ; and, as a rule, they excite neither pain nor itching.
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the result, these in turn aggravating and prolonging the course of the
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crease in the number of segments is also most frequently observed at the
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(110°-120°_ F.— 43.3°-48.8° C), without grave results. If this be
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shrunken appearance of cerebral anemia, and pallor and atrophy of the
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"The Robert Dawson Evans Memorial for Clinical Research
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looking urine and the discovery of red and white blood-corpuscles will
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Sj^mptoms. — Acute Abscess. — Pain and tenderness in the sternum
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of strips of adhesive plaster or by the application of an elastic band.