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The Paris correspondent of the New York Medical Jour-
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■oximity to them, but the other parts of the animal
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and eyes became deeply suffused ; tears began to flow,
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Apparatus for Measuring any Inequality in the Lengths of
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merous in the second attacks as were observed in the gen-
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not the persons who do the operation, and if Dr. Battey
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ment with Dr. Harrison three days later was decided
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insomnia with delirium. The syncopal form is by far the
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bronchial breathing was heard in the high axillary and
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old choroidal inflammation, mainly in the equatorial region.
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together such a collection of the effects of pyogenic micro-
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bichloride, which was ordered and used with happiest
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4. In all cases the arteries of the adjacent areas of the
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in death. When the rupture is joined with fracture of
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tion to the child, and the nurse follows the uterus. If
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cumulations of wax are generally inspissated in conse-
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given the drug continuously for several weeks, and has
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of a little over a hundred miles, is absolutely free from
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distressed look about the face, and spoke in broken sen-
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rotation, they had not found outward rotation of the foot
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in this action, I have no reason to complain ; in fact, quite
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of deaf-mutes, idiots, and insane persons, are descendants
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counter-extension to relieve D from uiicomfortaljle pressure over the ligamentutn
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incision. The second class is that in which the symp-
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tice recently. A young lady presented herself at my office
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advanced, the surface of the minute vessels is covered
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proceedings of that body. We can assure them a hearty