and doing nothing more. With the introduction of aspir-
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Dr. Eugene C. Reeves, of St. Paul, remarked that in
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misgiving as to the outcome, as he would divide the tendo
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lance sees that the litter fastenings are properly adjusted.
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permanent cure of hernia is not the least. The attempt
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trachea, and a substitute for iirehminary tracheotomy.
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and Jacoby upon their general deductions. He referred
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After we are through syringing, the meatus is to be dried
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Rachitis. — Here sea-bathing is the most successful form
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reported a case of chronic cystitis with ammoniacal urine
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delirium tremens set in. Died on tenth day. Considered
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for self-advertisement as it is. The specialist is, or should
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theory, but with some reservations. He did not adopt
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only know by its effects, so it is mth the current. Let
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Barium and Digitalis. — Salts of barium, though they
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Pressure on the tragus of the right ear in one patient, who
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nating Committee and Election of Officers ; Election of
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eral maHgnant tumors of the same anatomical qualities,
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unwise partiality of parents for enforced systems of edu-
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more acquired it through the food ingested. The subject,
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and swaj-ing its head to and fro. The pupils were dilated
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ceiving acute cases is about ten, while the percentage of
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become more or less incapable of transmitting the impres-
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quotation is, by the way, especially applicable to the salt-
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at noon — Beef-broth or bean-soup, broiled fresh fish,
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The natural tendency of cells thus completely emanci-
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kept saturated with a mixture of two parts of the oil of
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to, unless the infant will go longer than the schedule
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mutes ; one lost his hearing at the age of four years, and
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hid been made, and at irregular intervals of from one to
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This may sometimes turn out to hold good, but not with
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fluencing the atoms, causing their immediate or successive