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plete suppression. A short time after administration of

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of fibres, single or multiple, from corpuscles, and their

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ular periods. Owing to the dulling of her mental facul-

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from the South — which I have seen during the past year.

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Ledwich. This will be submitted to a special meeting of

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moidal cells having large nuclei ; many of these cells

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tion. Essential oils, such as oil of turpentine, hydrate of

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resoqition of inflammatory exudation in the internal ear

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state there are evident signs of dulling of her mental

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Benjamin Mundav, Assistant Surgeon ; Captain \Vill-

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such appointments, and, with some modification, the prin-

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therefore I contented myself v/ith an exploratory incision.

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mac; Drs. W. O. Priestley, William Ord, and Grainger

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cotton wrapped on a holder, and with the same as an

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ministration. Pilocarpine was useless post partum and to

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Vernon Barracks, Ala., in reference to this question, re-

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before — acute otitis, otorrhcea, or the accumulation of

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milk. With respect to Dr. Edington's discovery of the

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early. The most important part of the treatment is to

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and reputable physicians havang the confidence of the

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and lay the blame on •' taking cold." Warm poultices

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The highest political considerations, national pride, and

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force to isolate the sick and prevent the spread of the dis-

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As the relative mortality of typhoid and malarial fevers

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reported in the religious papers that idolatry is resuming