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were now added to the diet-list, when the following ob-
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happens that during articular rheumatism inflammations
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very thoroughly into the subject. In cases of antever-
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toms of internal obstruction. Operation was suggested
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vised the use of the intrauterine stem. He was strongly
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epilepsies are especially worthy of attention, as shown by
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extent to which the liver may be damaged by extreme
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Dr. Ch.\rles K. Mills, of Philadelphia, Pa., read a
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records of a number of cases of the disease existing in
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was just entering upon the second stage of pneumonia.
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can Medical Association, the parent society overshadows,
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quested to obtain admission to one of the hospitals for a
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half. He has been married five years. His sexual desire
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Dr. v. Esmarch mentioned a characteristic and famil-
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fifth day V= ,;]„, but with sph.- D 14 it rose to ,^"0.
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chial catarrh, and pneumonia, so prevalent in the North,
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Three cases are still under observ'ation. In one of
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broken into the lung. We know that normal urine is a
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proved a very satisfactory aid in the hands of the few
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Leave of absence granted for one month, with permission
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irregular, and scattered through it were diffuse nebul?e
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erate systematic drinkers ; C, careless drinkers ; D, free
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difiference between the two kinds of neoplasms to account
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transudates, except as the result of decomposition, thus
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LooMis, in " Pepper's System of Medicine," states : " The
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more than a medical register of the different specialists,
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be on hand to hold the antiseptic solutions, also some
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nosis, treatment, and prognosis is, for the most part, un-
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come to the conclusion that if an operation is to be per-
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mogenic, and thermolytic apparatuses, so that the me-
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is closely related to Erb's form, the involvement of the
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to operate in fresh cases, as there is a possibility that the
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cases. Formerly, ships on arriving in port discharged