Otis reports a case of complete unconsciousness follow-
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little practice is required for making this perfect tampon ;
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such a variety of foods, animal and vegetable. These
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by means of a " portative apparatus." And this is the
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of cocaine to her right nostril by means of pledgets of
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* Diseases of the Skin occurring in the Subjects of Gout, Journal
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The corneal refraction was found to be the same in both
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be those of a dog or guinea-pig. Still, the opinions of ex-
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None of his cases had returned with recurrence of stone.
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aphasia and the rarity of pure forms — which are due to
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communication on " The Hereditary Transmission of the
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walking had become very painful, especially in the morn-
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evitable from the methods of experimentation adopted.
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NoTK. — P. C = posterior central ; P,. superior parietal ; Po inferior parietal, including supramarginal gyms ; A, angular gyrus ; O, occipital gyri ; T, temporal gyri.
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Previous to the war he was for a time surgeon to the United
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of such union, the wire will permanently hold in place
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to make him write at dictation or copy. In fact, he
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Morals" (p. 46). A letter from the poet Tennyson con-
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remedies are often brought forward with the indorsement
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enlarged tonsils, naso-pharyngeal disturbances, and poly-
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eries of scientific research is that of the presence of para-
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by getting the history of the mental conditions of the
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tures made by that gentleman had produced no effect
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right leg and foot, finally of the whole right side of the
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quent, never saw him in any condition but one of perfect
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trils, with a sensation of pressure about the bridge of the
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day, until the present time. He has frequently fallen
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club-foot by means of the Thomas wrench, or the "T. T,"
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