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New York Hospital, enabled me to pursue my work. It
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lower extremity, he had not found the neck and shoulder
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the application of the plaster-of-Paris corset. He had
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strated. From this fact the possibility of radical cure
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referred by the commanding officers of brigades to the
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thor recommends the lithia waters ad libitum (Farmville
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bathing or of drinking the waters at the numerous springs
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his feet wet. There was no phthisis in the family. Urine :
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tened to by the Association with great interest and profit.
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A diagnostic sign is the unilateral condition of the
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The author said that he was struck on his first arrival in
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visual area in the cuneus, giving lateral hemianopsia, and
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as to admit a tube, with the nozzle of a rectal syringe
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pulmonary stenosis, without malposition of the viscera
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oid bone with those of the costo-chondral articula-
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papers. A long history of eruptive outbreaks is neces-
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of same dosage on awaking and then slept seven hours
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raclage in simple endometritis, its sphere of action is lim-
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ent how much time, trouble, and unnecessary handling is
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of consolidation, or even small cavities with surrounding
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encephalitis ; nor did she give evidence of so grave a
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following fashion. Pieces of white mousseline, soaked in