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Charity Hospital, New York, where he was subjected to
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When the crime is the direct or indirect result of inebri-
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questionable whether it can be disinfected so as to be
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A\'hile such remedies were being employed, fresh air,
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ties, with bullae of various sizes filled with bloody serum.
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aggravated when the throat-applications succeeded the
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at U. S. Military Academy, West Point, N. Y., vice Ma-
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for a long time. The flow of pus from the ethmoidal region is much
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of which are decidedly ill-looking ' cow-scabs ; ' add to
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understand her. He seemed himself, but she was unable
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That gentleman narrated that in i860 experiments were
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mal ; pulmonary pleura thickly studded with miliary tu-
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a. After a multiplicity of experiments I have devised a
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such series of specimens of each joint,- region, and organ,
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physial Line," by Dr. Thelen, of Elberfeld ; "On Utiliza-
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occurred. Then the medical men introduced the catheter
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He described the various methods of injection employed,
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veloped in a salicylic and iodoform dressing. J. E. Mi-
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impression upon their minds ; but in medical science it
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he should send cases requiring special treatment. All it
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particular which had proven of value in rachitic subjects,
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millimetre in diameter must be employed, lest a sudden
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ducing arhythmia of the heart are : r, affection of cardiac
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a word in eulogy of the great soul that bore up so man-
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solutions, and nitrate of silver locally. August 6th,
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