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No known vaso-motor condition is capable of causing

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headache induced by any attempt at reading or exposure

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the same level as the whole of pharmaceutical practice ;

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1 Read before the Academy_of Medicine, October i8, 1888.

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the Report of the Board of Censors, particularly regard-

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Headquarters Division of the Atlantic, Governor's Island,

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ting on the cold door-step watching a procession pass by.

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the French Association for the Advancement of Science

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methods of inhalation. His opinion was that the oro-

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irrigate in case this did not relieve. At 8 a.m. next morn-

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syphilis was by killing these animalcules. This idea has

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tion is to form a permanent record of what has been

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puted discovery of a cure for cholera by inoculation. At

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experience gives the " lie circumstantial " to this assertion.

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mitted that the nicihod used, of recording his experiments

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which he will return to these Headquarters. Par. i, S.

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in the conduct of the case was extra-medical, and due to