ety of forms and colors which it is said to present, and
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of anterior superior spinous process. Indistinct dulness
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give two of my most recent exjieriences on this subject,
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don, in order to secure full cauterization the instrument
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freed from the entangling fibrous net-work beneath. In a
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— A writer in a French journal offers the suggestion that
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Examination revealed a small fleshy-looking object, about
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The actual frequency of the disease in this city cannot be
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provides punishment for any person trespassing upon any
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The speaker then placed some o.x-blood into long tubes
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tions in a Galvano-cautery Handle, the essential points
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malpositions. The placenta is often adherent to the
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same method of cover-glass preparations and staining. He
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ment. He instanced the number of cases benefited by
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nasal catarrhs, and America was also the country where
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a century or so ago, when there was a frequent pass-
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more deeply than the fibrils between which they Ue. They
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the liver, knotty fibromata in the kidneys, and psam-
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brain was showTi to support the localization stated. The
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because such changes as seen from the tables are the same
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In a single case he regretted having operated. All oper-
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is e\ident. The frequency of the deformity, and the dan-
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canal and relieve some contractions. He thought that
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ment unless the cases are classified. Many cases of sick-
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the sphincter muscle and touched ttie spot with nitric
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