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Dr. Schleifer presumed the patient was suffering from
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Official List of Changes in the Stations and Duties of Offi-
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irritations are present. The presence of accumulations of
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be burnt up to supply such an amount of heat. Unques-
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rectly and speech is as fluent as ever. He reads without
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pleuritis are met with, in childhood. I am aware that a
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life, for an unfertilized egg is dead. In the fertilized egg
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bronchial breathing. On the left side there was flatness
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terior to the first. Then the operator is able to direct the
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ure. When the elasticity of this membrane is destroyed,
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graphy and superimposed contour tracings as a means of
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then only a question of diagnosis that should cause any
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a thousand influences. Atavism may explain many of the
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most complex nervous diseases may be produced by the
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