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is appropriate in certain cases, but it is wise to wait until
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the hospital, where he died in a short time, with great dysp-
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also obtain very valuable indications for treatment, being
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ditions that may be set up in the bladder from an appar-
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never, in a single case, been disappointed in its effects.
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order, limitations, regular stages, and fixed periods of the
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sternation and dismay unnerve both the patient and the
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experiments prove that the sweat of persons suffering
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excess, and where the meatus was large enough to receive
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the lecturer. The first course was given during last sum-
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the other ten cases there is no definite statement whether
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edge. When this is the case, however, careful focussing
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ideal result cannot always be obtained. From Table IV.
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application of the instrument when obtaining tracings.
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money you can there get considerably more useful infor-
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litis and pyelonephrosis, from which the patient dies.
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skin of small vitreous-looking areas of colloid degener-
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also announced as to appear shortly, under the title of
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closed soon the danger is small. One patient died in
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muscle. There seems in this operation to be no danger
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any reference in medical literature on the points brought
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These were all probably syphilitic. She had at present
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reached, and adjust the litter legs properly. Care should
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the Association, an oflice from which he requested per-
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out pus, showing that the pleura was irritated by the pres-
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Dr. Klein, of Warsaw (Gazeta Lekarska, No. 18, 1888),
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ment of calculus was passed, the symptoms ceased, and
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