than ^g J- of an inch, and, in fact, those animals which,
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Bamberger, Watson, and other eminent authorities, but
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come for their sittings to my consulting-rooms, and follow
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was normal in color. That voided after the operation
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give medical advice to all comers for the reasonable sum
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mained unchanged, the patient having been seen within the
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ing general peritonitis, and numerous typhoid ulcers were
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suppressed. On the sixteenth she had loss of speech, and
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Ijyriform sinuses along the grooved spouts of the epiglot-
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others see us. We will do well to occasionally try to put
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was a sup[>ly of milk which was producing scarlet fever
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for helerophoria, without inconvenience probably due
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over a year by Dr. Burnett. Pathological states of the
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fully observed this case in order that I might ascertain
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a hysterical attack followed by a period of unconscious-
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zant. Disease, in the abstracc, implies a morbid change :
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that every simple sore following a suspected coition was
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ganic change may take place, never to be entirely re-
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gypsum over this, and then applies a retentive bandage.
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the new. At the same time I have seen no ill results
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standing cases often did show articular atrophy due to the
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The disease yielded to treatment, and the child remained
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of the suture, no matter how great the comminution of the
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disappeared under antisyphilitic treatment, but relapse
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is obtained by the sublimate, owing as much to the tol-
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confine my remarks to one point in its care which is im-
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tion and support of the uterus and ovaries in combination
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ing, when her limbs became cold and she could no longer
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