devised by a Philadelphia mechanician under the super-

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the hands are at times lacerated, owing to the severe

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expression of current views on the subject, that the in-

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tegument ulcerating, or when it is necessar)' to remove a

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with inebriates who commit petty crime will make clear both

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A clear distinction must be made between the widely

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treatment. No cause or sign of vertebral caries existed,

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of morbid anatomy, surgical or medical, which may be re-

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tuberculosis can be cured by it or not. After these ex-

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fifty cases seen at one time. He believes it in reality a

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or harmless is fruitful of much mischief. A flexion of

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rested, when it is well known that if manual force be sys-

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Official List of Changes in the Medical Corps of the United

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injure these interests and to enormously increase the cost

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tional origin, I applied the faradic current, as strong as

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association, which was subsequently considered and ac-

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that it will be a most successful meeting in every sense,

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The glass drainage-tube seemed to annoy the patient

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of skill on the part of the (Germans, and contemptuously

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proportion of albuminoids is limited only by the quantity

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Dr. a. M. Owen, of Evansville, Ind., had made exper-

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in the heated rooms, these children would get cholera in-

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thorough demoralization of the patient. Experience has

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duction of disease in children. There were three incon-

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morbid impulses, and epileptic explosions, are common

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which was, however, very obscure as yet. He had seen

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thorax to an unusual degree in accordance with the posi-

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the retching it occasioned whenever it was used. Potas-

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