cases, with three deaths, the cause was not ascertained.
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" That cities and towns to the north, and upon lines of
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originator, as I do not know who has a prior claim.
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and offspring. I would not dare to say how many cases
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imported cases scattered about the shores of New York
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waters would throw much light upon this question, and
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ment in health in our large towns. Death-rates were
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sensation, causing, when injected in doses of from one-
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ities, with loss of sensation and incontinence of urine
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early, it is by no means a necessary event, and when pres-
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numerous than in the general circulation. In malarial fever
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from each other by the intestines forcing themselves be-
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has been received. Since 1882, when the author pre-
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than mechanical injury from the use of instruments.
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passed upward into the abdomen as far as the umbili-
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agent for elimination than alcohol. He believed that the
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gensen's statistics ' upon this point are instructive. They
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and the cotton outside. Sometimes I find it best to use
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Genuine pynemia is rare in connection wth gonorrhoea, and
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possible, make an opening into the vagina. The worst
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fore, which made the diagnosis reasonably certain. Of
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the pains, the head was engaged at the outlet. As the
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and tonsils instead of the vocal cords. The removal of
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mental organic lesion, constant and irremediable, of en-
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part of the forenoon, after exercising in the open air.
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He shows that while the actions of theine and caffeine
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venders is of most the importance. — Medical Standard.