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stitutional; but Mr. Purrington says such legislation is

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daily in comparing the operation wdth laparotomy, and

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of until after Harvey's announcement, in 1628, of the dis-

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no pain to speak of. He saw the patient the next day,

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The large number of micro-organisms found in dwelling-

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Present condition.—K. E., V =: -|;;, unimproved. Ht. =

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complains in a marked degree of obstructed nose breath-

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toms of internal obstruction. Operation was suggested

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times so slight as to be passed over unnoticed, especially

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plasms are proper subjects for this treatment. He thinks

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done, when convenient, in the river Hooghly, but gener-

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Treatment : Relieved in two weeks by cleanliness, leeches

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ure bright and vivacious, she is gradually lapsing into fa-

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tive. The former is, of course, the older, and it is to

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anti-choleraic inoculation which was practised on him.

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tance above the patella and running parallel with each

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pliability of the sclerosed tissues and moistening and

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cardiac end ; with dilatation, at the pyloric. With tender-

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mercury. This treatment was continued for four weeks

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I would use the tampon in the following way : It would

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American Otological Society, Arlington Hotel, Vermont

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Miller that adding up statistics is a better and stronger

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tery prostatectatome. In conclusion, he stated that, in-

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lects the urine, and by its use the patient is kept almost

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beating feebly, the patient sighing and weeping by turns.

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under the direction of Professor His, of Leipzig ; of Pro-

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low the first legal punishment of inebriates, seen in a repe-

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cal Education, he says that, notwithstanding the growth

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