He also escaped small-pox. I do not suppose that the

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paroxysm of angina pectoris in itself ; it is the ischaemia of

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jaundice, which soon disappeared, and was probably due

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a learned dissertation by Professor William (ioodell, read

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consequent thereon, may be supposed to give rise to an

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tropes, in which there was an excavation of the papilla re-

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It is unnecessary here for me to more than refer to the

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operation is denominated " suspension of the uterus," and

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Chronic joint disease I understand to be tubercular

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in my o«ti case. I consider antipjrine of special value in

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been employed in vain. I, for the first time, suggested

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There had been falling of the hair from the whole body.

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b. This leads to the adoption of the second and more

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got inflamed and became blind. When she entered the

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there will always remain a class of cases in which only by

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two ordinarj-sized flaps, with a small one between them,

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is ver}' uncertain, and for the most part untrustworthy.

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moval of which the skin of the meatus will be seen to be

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the duties belonging to the honorable office to which, by

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ance being produced," and refers to several such cases

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sarcoma of meso-blastic, origin. The name should be

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jjersistent, may yield to treatment ; but if it does not

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ing the lower canal, and pennitting the mass to remain

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fragrant cigar as it arises from the lighted end, and then

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bulance. The chief then commands : i. To your posts.

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we recognize in the disease a marked tendency to persist

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and resistance, the volts and ohms, and may be repre-

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