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in the spinal ganglia as there are fibres in the posterior roots.
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The operation showed the injury to be incurable, but the
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depend upon charity for medical services in hospitals.
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incision was made, extending from the bordft's of the
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hardly tenable, for the fluid contained much more fat than
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It may be assumed, I think, that if the ovaries become
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urticaria. This hale matron had lost her teeth about a
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Fixation. New York Medical Journal, December 5, 1885.
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much injured by its presence, and hyperaemia or inflamma-
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dates, without exception, contain albumen in solution, but
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May ist he was running in a school-room from two other
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Vice-President, Dr. John P. Bryson, of St. Louis, Mo.;
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the face, arm, and fingers of the side affected. The
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The President said that this was certainly an excel-
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Derby, of Boston ; Corresponding Treasurer, Dr. J. S.
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ing which time the respiratory functions having been re-
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position of choice and several attempts made to lacerate
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get before he died, that the pneumonia had begun to
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Standard says Drs. Plunkett and Rennie, former profes
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published in Cairo in the Arabic language. First the
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In operating, a complete anaesthesia is of great impor-
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one specimen to it. It is omnivorous in its demands for
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localized embolus might give rise to fever, to active con-
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the adoption of my electrical method, one other kind of
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development, and then apply electricity, manipulation,
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of about the same weight, the goat might die but the
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tions, which easily dissolve in water, and on unfolding
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tages of the suspension operation over pessaries are said to
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irritable that she could no longer take the remedy.
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unable to escape, remain to be surrounded by accumula-
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the evening of the fourth day. On the morning of the
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crease the pain on that side of the head. The treatment