membrane of the stomach and jejunum unites in an ex-
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ing. In September of tlie same year, five months after
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finger could enter the bladder until a section of the
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found that the disease was communicated in twenty per
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origin of which is generally held to be the accidental
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can be pulled up out of the way by a cord running over a
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believe that such unsatisfactory results will ever follow
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private practice, nursing inferior, and probably in the
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of the inferior meatus. In one of Mackenzie's cases,
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reinforcing squeeze has no marked effect. In these tab-
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fever, and ending in recovery, was given in detail, and
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opening paper, regretting that sickness prevented his being
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blooded animals a wave of electrical disturbance passes
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off one pint of pus. On April 12th I thought proper
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i the micro organism there found seems to increase, within
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In other localities, however, where malarial infection
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lustre of the black skin is lost, the surface turns gray and
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kept saturated with a mixture of two parts of the oil of
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pitient felt pinching and warmth. The lesion was too
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preciate, and does not interfere with the benefit to be de-
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cial difference in this respect. The English anatomists
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sound could still be heard, but only during deepest inspi-
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allied to the giant granulations of wounds and ulcers,
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Case V. — Mrs. M. N , aged sixty-three ; first seen
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stantly recurring irritation of the air-passages, and that
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of tobacco in many cases the cause ; arsenic proved a
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placed in as many nursing-bottles as are used during that
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movements of the convulsed muscle there was a persist-
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practical medicine must be the detection and removal af