large doses of calomel in the treatment of pneumonia.

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the thirtieth hour, and the uterus was well emptied and

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The treatment consists in bandages, laxatives, alkalies,

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or fatty change in the muscles, and particularly in the heart,

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to acquire knowledge, while our students read to pass

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the name of " malaria." In children, to these phenomena

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mon stallion as a " teaser " to test their receptivity, instead

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spoke at length on the above subject. A man in the third

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marks have been made upon the histories of my first hun-

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scaphoid resumed its proper position. I applied an ap-

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Morphia, hypodermically, and ergot may be resorted to for

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1886, No. 51, and I shall give a short extract of the case.

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a more sharply defined and a flatter, smooth, and whiter

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swept along the Gulf coast and up the valley of the Mis-

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There are a few cases of leprosy to be seen from time

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she had a crisis without sweat, and became free of fever.

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Ur/EMIa is a morbid state caused by the accumulation in

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when it occurs is due generally to the H„ S, or to absence

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The treatment of diphtheritic paralysis was hygienic

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covered. In regard to the constipation and the attendant

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advantages was the increase it gave to the respiratory act,

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the right, sometimes even pressing against the pharynx.

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Dr. a. T. Hudson, of Stockton, Cal., writes : " Having

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Nicola , aged thirty-three, Italian, laborer. On admis-

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syphilis was by killing these animalcules. This idea has

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not secondary or hysterical, as is said to be the case by

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with carbonate of iron, the hot iron, and sweat-baths.