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Case IV. — Miss E. F— — , aged twenty-two ; first seen

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July 10, 1887, at such dose range as to burn clothing

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maniacal in action, and is restrained with difficulty. Dur-

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asked the author in how far lesions had been found in

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respect — his English. He quoted the following as Lis-

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lation, besides being a constant sufferer. On examination

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the pain disappears. In other words, when there is con-

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albuminoids, and that no greater than three per cent, of

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kept at a temperature of 45° to 50° F., and the rest at

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A singular feature of this case was the rapidly changing

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of the sclerotic and senile degeneration of the vessels.

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small quantities at short intervals, and a restricted quan-

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destruction of the bacillus tuberculosis, but to a favor-

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humors is present in several forms of glaucoma, and is

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he found that there were a great many more capable of

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in other respects ; albumin and tube-casts conjoined al-

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the brain. The sphenoidal region is most often affected

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pation. The parts posterior are removed more exten-

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cision as an unnecessary opening of the abdominal cavity

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great regret that I felt obliged to discontinue the use of

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margin of the sterno-mastoid muscle was the most con-

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> Read before the Northwestern Medical and Surgical Society of

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When the patient is being carried, the side men will take

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this subject.' Quite independently of these observations,

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corpuscles often project from the margin of the wall, and

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very slight impairment laterally. No solid tumor could

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and threw up great quantities of membrane. I discon-

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diastole could not be produced under its action by stim-